How does Souls For Sale work:

First lets start off by saying that this is a new fun game to play with your Soulmate. The purpose is to show your loyalty with them and trade your soul with them. After the exchange you can both print out your Soul Certificate. The Soul Certificate shows that you have made the exchange.



Register your soul with these fun questions. These questions are all worth individual values that ultimately add up to your soul's value.

Hint: you can always use credits to increase your soul's value. If you are a pop star then your soul value might be higher than someone that isn't. Let's face it, everyone wants to be you.

Validation: You can choose to validate who you are by emailing a photo of yourself holding your driver's license. Please cover your address with your hands so that information remains private. We just want to see your photo and you holding it. By doing so, we will mark on your soul resume that you have been verified. We will not post your photo or your driver's license.

After you register you will be asked to set up your profile. Please include a photo of yourself. If you do not wish to use a photo of yourself, you must use the avatar option. Your photo can only be of YOU.


Trade your Soul:

You will be able to trade your soul or another soul that you own. If you think that you can benefit from buying a soul from one person and then trading it with another to gain soul credits to buy or a higher valued soul then this is the page that you will want to watch. This page will show the status of your trades.


House of Souls:

This is where everyone's souls can be found for viewing. Visit this page to see who has been added and how much each soul is worth. Click View Resume to view a soul's value and bio. Click Make Offer to make an offer on the soul value or much more. Click Trade to request an owner to trade their soul with you or one of your other souls that you own. Click Buy to request to purchase a soul.


Can you Buy your Soul back?

Yes you can buy your soul back. However, you must purchase it for its current value if owner is willing to sell at that price. As a soul is traded and sold it will increase in value based on developed popularity. An owner does not have to sell back your soul unless you purchase it for DOUBLE its current value, in which case the soul becomes yours again without needing approval of sale from current owner.


How to trade or sell with credits:

You are purchasing a PDF Certificate that will show the value of a soul, who purchaser is and who soul belongs to. You can not really buy someone's soul and this is all in fun. You are buying credits to play the game. Each trade is for the current value of the soul or additional credits to persuade them to trade or sell. There is a transfer fee of 5 credits on every soul traded our purchased, regardless of soul's value. This fee belongs to the site.


Sell your Soul Page:

This is where you can put your Soul up on the Market.
Please log into this page and click that you are willing to Sell your Soul.


Highest Valued Souls:

Watch this list to see how Souls is Valued the Highest. Are your friend's Souls Valued higher that yours?


Member with the Most Souls:

Look to see if you are the owner with the most Souls. Who owns the most. Do you want to be that person who owns the most. If so do you own the highest Valued Soul?


Return policy:

There is no returns on credits purchased. As the owner of your original Soul you are only intitled to a buy back on your own Soul with no questions asked. You can make an offer to the current person who owns the soul but if there is no response or they are unwilling you do have the right to pay double the credits of the current value and receive your soul back. This does not apply for souls that you bought or traded only your Soul own Soul that you registered.


Legal Stuff.

First thank you for Playing Souls for Sale. This is a fun game and you can not actually buy someones soul. You are buying credits to play a game and receive a Certificate that can be downloaded with your information and their information on it. Please Click to read more: TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY STATEMENT


Johnny Cool

Soul Value  300 Credits

John Tester

Soul Value  300 Credits

Dawn Marie St Pierre

Soul Value  87 Credits

Gem Test

Soul Value  82 Credits

Deanna Statton

Soul Value  82 Credits

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